How to Make a Flower Press

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For those who enjoy pressing and drying plants for decorative craft projects, this flower press is a simple and inexpensive way to accomplish the task. This kit has everything needed to preserve your favorite flowers and leaves forever. Between projects, it can easily be stored in a zip-lock-bag.

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Technical Information for Making a Flower Press

A. Materials List:

1 A Top Board 1/2" x 7" x 8" Sitka Spruce
1 B Bottom Board 1/2" x 7 x 8" Sitka Spruce
4 C Corrugated Board 7" x 8" Cardboard
4 D Blotter 7" x 8" Paper
4 E
Carriage Bolts
5/16" x 4" Paper
4 F Flat Washers 3/8" Steel
4 G Wing Nuts 5/16" Steel


Sitka Spruce

B. Cutting Procedure:

  1. Use table saw to cut top board (A) and bottom board (B) to proper dimensions.
  2. Mark centers for corner holes for top board (A) and bottom board (B) 3/4" in from each edge.
  3. Use hand drill or drill press and 3/8" drill bit to drill holes through boards (A) and (B) at centers.
  4. Mark a 1/2" diameter arc at each corner of boards (A) and (B) and cut out using a band saw.
  5. Use a disk sander to sand corner rounds for board (A) and (B).
  6. Use box cutter or utility knife to cut corrugated boards (C) to proper dimensions.
  7. Use scissors to cut blotter papers (D) to proper dimensions.
  8. Drill 3/8" holes through each corner of corrugated boards (C) and blotter papers (D) to match holes in top and bottom boards (A) and (B).
  9. Use scissors or utility knife to round corners of corrugated boards (C) and blotter papers (D) to match rounded corners of top and bottom boards (A) and (B).
  10. Hand sand corner edges of top and bottom boards (A) and (B) using 120 grit sandpaper.

C. Assembly Procedure:

  1. Insert bolts (E) through bottom board (B).
  2. Place one corrugated board (C) on top of bottom board (B).
  3. Place a blotter paper (D) on top of corrugated board (C).
  4. Place flowers, leaves, etc to be pressed on the blotter paper.
  5. Place another blotter paper over the items to be pressed.
  6. Place another corrugated board (C) on top of the blotter papers (D).
  7. Place top board (A) on top of corrugated board (C).
  8. Place a flat washer (F) over each carriage bolt.
  9. Screw a wing nut (G) onto each carriage bolt and hand tighten to exert pressure.


  1. Additional layers can be used for pressing plants by repeating the assembly procedure. Only two Sitka Spruce boards are needed no matter how many layers are used. Longer carriage bolts will be needed if the number of layers exceed the length of the 4" bolts recommended.
  2. Cardboard box material can be used for corrugated board. Be sure the surfaces are clean, dry and free of any creases.
  3. For detailed information on pressing and drying plants see

*Congratulations, your wooden flower press is finished and ready to use!

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